Dark Ages Clan Novel 1: Nosferatu is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. This book is the first of the Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga.


From the White Wolf catalog:

An Epic Begins
It is the year 1204, and the city of Constantinople burns. For the immortal monsters who have spent eternity in it's shadows, it is both a cataclysm and a call for vengeance.
Malachite, leader of the city's Nosferatu, hunts through the ashes and dodges crusaders to find the Patriarch Michael, the vampire who founded the city is the expression of his immortal dreams. Malachite's search brings him beyond the city walls and sets him on a quest that will restore the Patriarch's dream – or damn it forever.
Dark Ages Nosferatu begins the epic thirteen part series of Dark Age Clan Novels, chronicling a vast conflict among the vampires of the Middle Ages. The War of Princes begins here.



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Dream (VTM), Triumvirate (Constantinople), War of Princes

Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga
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