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Dark Ages Clan Novel 13: Tzimisce is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. It is the final book of the Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga.


The End of an Epic
It has all led to this. Myca Vykos, schemer of Clan Tzimisce, is thrust into the War of Princes as elders of his clan and the whole of the Cainite Heresy come calling. The Nosferatu Malachite, still seeking to restore Constantinople, is at Vykos's side, but can the fiend be trusted to restore the dream of a vampiric utopia? Or does Vykos have debts of his own to pay?



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Cainite Heresy (VTDA), War of Princes

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VTDA: Dark Ages Clan Novel 12: Ventrue Bullet-pdf
Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga
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