Dark Ages: Mage Grimoire is a sourcebook for Dark Ages: Mage.

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From the White Wolf catalog:

The Mythic Age wanes, its denizens disappearing into the Otherworld, its Quintessential energies drying up. But some refuse to let it go. These magi dare to tread the barren places and twisted paths that still shimmer with ancient power. These old lands still have guardians, though: spirits and secrets that will sorely test those who try to wrest forth their powers.
The Grimoire expands the Dark Ages world, providing insight on the Fellowships in various lands, aids to help players and Storytellers grasp medieval magic and superstition, and hints on maintaining chantries in the tumultuous times of the early 13th century. There’s also a look at certamen wizards' duels, medieval holy days and the shallowings they create, and a host of creatures – including the Fae – that haunt the forlorn frontiers of Dark Medieval Europe.

Prologue: The Hazards of Travel Edit

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Chapter One: The Sons of Solomon - "Civilized" Fellowships Edit

Elaborates on the Ahl-i-Batin, the Messianic Voices, and the Order of Hermes.

Chapter Two: In a Dark Wood - "Heathen" Fellowships Edit

Includes information on the Old Faith, the Spirit Talkers, and the Valdaermen.

Chapter Three: Superstitions and Magic Edit

General information about Sleeper society in the thirteenth century and how it affected magical practice.

Chapter Four: From the Otherworld Edit

A discussion of magical creatures, including thaumavores and familiarss.

Chapter Five: Worldly Things (Storytelling) Edit

Tips on storytelling, including a discussion of the limitations of travel in the thirteenth century.

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Introduces the Craftmasons.

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