Dark Ages: Inquisitor Companion is a sourcebook for the setting Dark Ages: Inquisitor.


From White Wolf catalog:

Heaven's Fury

No matter how many demons we slay, more rise to take their place. No matter how many of their servants we put to the torch, Satan corrupts more. Yet we shall not fall into despair, for God is on our side, and faith can - and shall - move mountains. Let the fiends be the ones to cower, for we are coming, and nothing shall stay our righteous hand. Amen.

Smite the Servants of Hell

In the first sourcebook specifically for Dark Ages: Inquisitor, we present detailed information on the shadow Inquisition, including tips on building characters, dealing with the Holy Church, and the secrets of each of the five orders. The Dark Ages Inquisitor Companion also includes a new look at roleplaying Faithful characters, along with Blessings to aid in the fight against the Adversary.

Prelude: Woman’s Intuition

Introduces Sister Mathilde von Murnau, a Red Sister and a daughter of that infamous Bavarian family. She shows us what the Inquisition must go through in order to build a case against a possible sinner.


The theme of the book and a vocabulary with monastic and Church-related terms that appear in various places throughout the book.

Chapter One: My Order, My Brothers

Has information on each of the five orders, their tactics, their recruitment procedures, their chains of command, and their strongholds.

Chapter Two: Playing the Inquisition

Devotes attention to the Inquisition’s role within the Church and the special privileges that stem from it, how each of the orders fits into monastic life (including the two orders that don’tfit in — the Oculi Dei and the House of Murnau) and what temptations await such inquisitors. It also presents sample of play, including both preparing a case and direct confrontation with the Enemy. In addition, the Cardinal’s secret weapons, the Daggers of God, are revealed.

Chapter Three: The Ways of Faith

Includes not only new Blessings, Curses, Merits and Flaws, but a discussion on what it means to have Conviction. How does the flock perceive an inquisitor who is so full of faith that she can literally work miracles? How does the Enemy perceive such mortals? How does the Inquisition itself regard Blessings and Curses? All of these topics and more are covered in this chapter.

Chapter Four: Soldiers of God, Servants of Hell

Discusses the development of an inquisitorial cell and what happens as the inquisitors therein become promoted. We include rules for playing inquisitors with no special Blessings, as well as inquisitors who belong to more than one order. This chapter also presents six possible antagonists for the Holy Inquisition, some of whom know little of God’s Soldiers… and some of whom know far too much.


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