Dark Ages: Inquisitor is a setting based in the Revised Dark Ages that revolves around the Shadow Inquisition of the catholic church during the Dark Medieval period.


Like the other Dark Ages games, Dark Ages: Inquisitor is set in 1230 and takes place primarily in Europe. The secret Inquisitors of the Church, bestowed with powerful religious rites and holy magic, work to save Christendom from the supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, warlocks, wraiths, and fae that freely roam and rule over the World of Darkness. The game also serves as a sort of prequel to Hunter: The Reckoning.

Players may choose and create a character centered around one of the Orders that fight the forces of darkness. The Orders are either Monastic (run by the Holy Mother Church) or Lay (unordained individuals who hear the holy call).

Monastic OrdersEdit

Lay OrdersEdit

  • The House of Murnau, a cursed noble Bavarian family who has fought the denizens of darkness for centuries.
  • Oculi Dei, a network of individuals devoted to fighting the darkness.

Each Order has its own set of Blessings, which are the rites and magic they use to fight the supernatural, and Curses, drawbacks they receive when they are gifted with their powers.


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