Dark Ages: Darkening Sky is a sourcebook for the Dark Ages product lines, detailing the events of the eclipse of 1230 CE with stories surrounding various supernaturals.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

In May, 1230, an eclipse overwhelmed the sky, blurring the lines between day and night. What does this mean in the Dark Medieval World? Ask five people, expect ten answers.
Darkening Sky is a series of five stories for the Dark Ages game lines. You'll find a story for Fae©, Inquisitor©, Mage©, Vampire©, and Werewolf© inside, each with a unique twist on the 1230 eclipse.
Dark Ages: Darkening Sky includes:
  • Each story is a fleshed out toolkit for exposing players to the horrific events surrounding the eclipse.
  • Play these stories as part of existing chronicles, or use them to launch dark new epics.
  • Each of these stories offers tools for running the game in the other four game lines.


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Darkening Sky was originally a promised but unpublished book for the Dark Ages line that features five chapters (one each for Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Inquisitor, and Fae) detailing the effects of the eclipse of 1230 CE. It was later released by Onyx Path Publishing in 2014.

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