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Dark Ages: British Isles is a sourcebook for the British Isles (comprising England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) during the Dark Ages setting. This book is the first of several to cover an aspect of the Dark Ages setting for all four Dark Ages game lines (Vampire, Mage, Inquisitor and Werewolf), and the only geographical sourcebook to cover all four games.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Land is Ancient
Mithras of London fancies the Isles as his domain, but the land is far older than even he. Ancient vampires lurk in the fens and wolf-men stalk the moors. The Church has taken hold here, but worshippers of far older gods call upon power than no follower of Christ has ever known. And somewhere beyond the mist the fae laugh, for they were here before any other.
Here There Be Monsters
Dark Ages: British Isles is the first regional sourcebook for the revised Dark Ages line. It includes the history of the land, information on the major cities in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and details on how the supernatural denizens of Europe interact and conflict with the inhabitants of the Isles, mortal and otherwise.


Prelude: One City, Many Souls


Chapter One: History of the Isles

Chapter Two: The Lands and the People

Chapter Three: The Hidden Isles

Chapter Four: Liars, Sinners, Zealots and Beasts

Chapter Five: Storytelling

Background Information

Content that was cut from the book for page count considerations was made available for download from White Wolf's website under the title "Dark Ages: British Isles Casualties". This material adds further detail to the history of the setting and to the role of ghosts, fae, and demons in the Isles.

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