Dante Giovanni is the owner of The Venetian, a massive casino hotel in Las Vegas.


Born in 1903 CE into a poor family with an alcoholic father in Chicago, Dante turned to organized crime in order to advance his lifestyle. This brought him the attention of his "great-uncle" Lorenzo Putanesca, who gave him the Proxy Kiss. Following an argument with Chicago's prince, the two left for Los Angeles, where Dante involved himself with the crime scene. He met Benjamin Siegel and the two became friends, with Dante lending money to Siegel to further his projects in Las Vegas.

After Siegel's death, Dante became the manager of a casino and found a liking in the city. When he finally lost his casino to a rival Ventrue, Dante was rewarded with the Embrace for his shrewdness and long-term thinking. Following his Embrace, Dante wandered around the United States, but could never find a place to settle, until he arrived again in Las Vegas. With the consent of his sire, Dante insinuated himself in the city and opened his casino in 1999 (much to the annoyance of the local Rothstein branch of the Clan).


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