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Dante, born Desmond Collingworth, is an Archmage and the signature character of the Virtual Adepts.


Even before Desmond was born, the Technocracy was aware of his potential. They persuaded his mother that he would be born mentally deficient and that by joining an experimental program, she could help others in her situation. During the program, she died during his birth.

Dante is a rare phenomenon, having been born with his Avatar already Awakened. Under the Progenitors' surveillance, he was placed with a foster family. He finished high school at eight years old, and he finished top of his class at Harvard Medical School in only five years.

After running off with a Virtual Adept faction called the Lab Rats (all Progenitor-born and bred), he was educated on the "true nature of reality". Currently, he concerns himself mostly with freeing other children from the hands of the Technocracy.

The Elite of the Elite, he is widely known as one of the greatest Virtual Adepts alive.



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