The Danislavs are a now-extinct revenant family that descended from the Kinfolk of the Shadow Lords.


Originally a noble dynasty with ties to the Shadow Lords, the Danislavs of northern Transylvania fell under the sway of the Tzimisce Florescu, who kept them in his dungeons for the first ten years of their life and conditioned them on serving him. When a pack of Shadow Lords ventured into his domain, they were savagely attacked by their former Kin and only one escaped to spread the tale.

Count Florescu was eager to display his triumph and sent his revenants as ambassadors and diplomats to the domains of other Tzimisce. He gained great prestige as his cultured family gained a reputation for their services. Unknown to him however, many of the revenants turned away from him and began to worship another master — the mighty Incarna known as Grandfather Thunder.

With his aid, the Danislavs were temporarily able to overthrow their master and become the lords of their domain, only to inspire the wrath of the whole voivodate against them. In 1399, a Danislav betrayed the remaining members of his family to the Tzimisce, becoming the sole survivor of the line and was rewarded with the Embrace.

Supernatural Characteristics

Family Disciplines: Auspex, Protean, Vicissitude; can learn Shadow Lords Gifts up to Level 3 as an out-of-clan Discipline.

Weakness: Each Danislav takes aggravated damage from silver, suffers aversion to wolfsbane and become bestial when touched by the light of the full moon. Additionally, their former masters have become their most dire enemies.


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