Daniel Greene, also known as silversmith78 or The Silversmith, is a hunter-turned-Hero who parlayed his experience into a small business selling various weapons and talismans on the internet.

Danny's parents were full-time hunters, and he learned more about monster lore than he did about the three R's as a child. After their deaths, he was raised by an aunt, but left home at 16 to become a full-time hunter. During this period of his life, he fell in love with a man named Ben, but gradually began to have terrible nightmares about him. One day over dinner, Danny realized Ben was a Beast, and immediately killed him with a kitchen knife.

Working with his network of hunter contacts, Danny became as proficient at tracking Beasts as he was at everything else. He also spent a year studying metalwork, which lead him to crafting and selling swords, knives, and ritual tools to both hunters and the general public. His online store includes an array of "dreamcatchers" designed to attract victims of a Beast, as a way of gathering intelligence on new targets.

Danny is now in his mid-30s, with shaggy brown hair and a perpetual five o'clock shadow. He wears jeans and work shirts, and his hands are scarred from both his lines of work. He methodically stalks his targets long before he tries to confront them, and while he prioritizes Beasts he doesn't hesitate to target other monsters, like his parents before him.


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