Daniel Greenberg is a freelance interactive scriptwriter, game design consultant, and voiceover director.

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Daniel Greenberg has been a full-time freelance video game designer for over twenty years. He put himself through college writing and designing award-winning dice and paper RPG modules and sourcebooks for Dungeons and Dragons and other games. With a background in programming, writing, acting and directing, Daniel Greenberg has the skill set to deliver complete interactive scripts with crisp, concise, exciting dialogue designed for VO and complete interactive scripts with story trees and full variables to track NPC states.

Daniel Greenberg has also consulted on serious games, designing educational video games that help children develop critical thinking skills. He has lectured for educators on harnessing the educational power of games, and he has lectured to game developers on using advanced education methods to make games better. He serves as the IGDA’s chairman for the Committee on Anti-Censorship and Social Issues (International Game Developers Association), and regularly lectures at the Game Developers Conference.

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Daniel's official contributions for White Wolf include:

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