Danforth Stern is a Pentex executive, was part of its Board of Directors.


Stern is an average-looking man in his late 40s. He was chosen by the Wyrm during the 1970s. Stern was the owner of a small chemical manufacturing company. His callous disregard for the environment, his greed and ambition are what attracted the Wyrm to the young man.

Stern believes he is in the service of a being from outer space. He believes that all spirits are lesser members of the same alien race which he now serves. Stern believes that Earth is being invaded and Pentex's goals are to weaken Earth's resistance to attack. He is confident his reward will be grand once the invasion has been completed.

Stern has demonstrated considerable pyrokinetic powers. He has taken a keen interest in video games, toys and music, and believes the next generation must be turned into unthinking drones. He has also recently become very private, showing himself only at company board meetings.

In recent decades, several Directors have fallen to internal struggles and external athreats. Donald Gauntley, Elliot Meiche, Robert Allred, Frederick Kromrich, Enzo Giovanni, Danforth Stern, and James Kiker are no longer part of the Board or the company. Werewolf killed some; others found themselves fatally ousted, while a few disappeared entirely.


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