Dandeloon is a Seelie Sidhe Childling of House Gwydion in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

Overview Edit


A sweet and innocent little girl, little Dandeloon was Sained not quite a month ago. She's attached to Aoibhell's court in Berkeley, where her mother works as an assistant dean at UC-Berkeley, and spends most of her time at court watching in wide-eyed wonder. Her father, almost completely out of her life since her parents' divorce a year and a half ago, had clapped louder than she had when Peter Pan asked if you believed in fairies, and had solemnly told her that she was the last little girl in the world who still believed in fairies, and if she didn't believe in them they'd just go away. Of course, all this was used against her father at the custody hearings, making him look like an utter buffoon and costing him all but the most rudimentary visiting rights.

On the other hand, this sequence of events only reaffirmed her belief in her father's words, and in her heart of hearts she knows she was turned into a fairy because she believed in them so hard. Her mother is constantly on the lookout for this sort of irresponsible behavior and will have no part of it, but Dandeloon (born Staceygwen Ross) has an almost uncanny knack for slipping away when he mother's not looking. It's almost as if the fairies are helping her.

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A model of china doll fragility, Dandeloon is a miniature in white and gold. With long blonde hair and an angelic smile, she looks like she sprang full-grown from Hollywood's idea of the perfect daughter. Her eyes are huge and blue, her mouth is tiny, and she has dimples. Usually the childling is dressed impeccably in embroidered dresses dresses which speak of rarified taste on someone's part. Her parents have had her ears pierced, so she usually wears earrings as well.

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Dandeloon is the rarest of the rare, a wide-eyed innocent among the sidhe. She's just come into her fae self, and she still doesn't quite comprehend what's going on. She also has no idea of how much power she has herself, and the instinct to flee every confrontation is strong in her. She speaks earnestly and is very impressed by everything anyone older shows her. She is always polite, and if she's not saying "I'm sorry," she's saying "Thank you very much." When she gets nervous, she nibbles on the ends of her blonde curls. People find this adorable, but it invariably inspires loathing from other childlings. She hasn't the slightest idea why.

References Edit

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