Dancers in the Dusk is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Lost.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Dusk turns deeper, colors die
Bats go singing in the sky
One and all
We may fall
Down where wicked goblins lie.
Shade draws farther, farther on
Light is fading, sun is gone
Friends, draw near
Face your fear
Perhaps there’ll never be a dawn.
Mime the barn owl ’s soundless dive
Wake your soul, your senses five
Step the mark
Trip the dark
You dance the dusk, for you ’re alive.

— Lily Velvet’s Last Waltz
This book for Changeling: The Lost includes:
  • New tools and scenarios to go delving into dream, from dreamscapes to the dreaded Incubi
  • Ways to tangle a twisted destiny, through Contracts and even the presence of Fate itself
  • Hedge-towns and strange domains among the Thorns, and a bevy of new hobgoblins to populate them
  • New entitlements, the Dusk Court, and more.

Prologue: Scheherazade at Twilight Edit

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Chapter One: Dusk Dreams Edit

An examination of the Lost's relationship to dreams, along with the Hypnagogic Constellation many changelings use to classify dreams, the Skein that links dreams of similar quality together, and the beings that inhabit dreams, such as Morpheans and Incubi .

Chapter Two: Tangled Fates Edit

This chapter deals in new peculiarities of magic, not just sorcery but the force of Fate itself, to help make it a more tangible — and perhaps menacing — presence in a chronicle. The darker side of fae magic is also represented here, with many tricks that reflect the theme of Dusk — new Goblin Contracts and Contracts that affect Clarity itself, as well as guidelines for twisted pledges, maledictions and cursed objects.

Chapter Three: Shadows Cast By Thorns Edit

A return to the Hedge, not just in offering a new cast of dangerous, rapscallion hobgoblins to tempt, mislead, bedevil and harry the Lost — though they’re present as well — but even to show more of where they live and how they gather. The peculiar Hedge-towns and domains here provide great opportunities for the brave and clever to win new strength or wisdom. But everything has a cost, and the paths through the Thorns grow all the more dangerous when night is coming. 

Chapter Four: The Deepening Dusk Edit

Here is given advice for taking a chronicle into an ever-darkening night, both in terms of story opportunities and rule tweaks that will certainly emphasize a growing dread. The theme is then further explored with the Court of Dusk, an organization that waxes and wanes through the years, always becoming at its strongest when a long night is about to fall. Finally, you’ll find four Entitlements, Knights of Dusk if you will, that array themselves in noble orders to match the darkness. 

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