Damned and Deceived is a supplement for Demon: The Fallen that deals the relationship between the fallen and the human thralls they form Pacts with.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Whisper in the Darkness
They seek the ambitious, vengeful, crippled and bereft. Men and women who feel cheated by the world, deprived of the lives they deserve. With a knowing look and honeyed words, the fallen plumb the depths of these mortal souls, fulfilling the deepest desires. The angels of the Abyss can make mortals' wildest dreams come true. But at what cost?
A Deal With the Damned
Demon: Damned and Deceived is an in-depth look at the seductive and often destructive relationships between the fallen and their mortal thralls. Who do the fallen seek as potential partners in a Faustian bond? What gifts do they offer, and why? Can a mortal make a deal with the Devil and survive, or is every thrall destined for madness and death.



How to use the book in a campaign, and the books and movies that can be used for inspiration

Chapter One: Signed in BloodEdit

The documents and diaries of three thralls, starting with their backgrounds and problems. "Falling Stars", "Siren's Song", and "The Good Soldier".

Chapter Two: Dancing With the DevilEdit

The stories continue as the characters deal with the aftermaths of their deals.

Chapter Three: The Damned and the DecievedEdit

The final consequences of each deal is revealed.

Chapter Four: Chains of FireEdit

How to make thralls for fallen characters, or perhaps make a thrall as a player character.

Chapter Five: StorytellerEdit

How to use and abuse thralls in a campaign, including running an all-thrall campaign.

Chapter Six: We Are LegionEdit

Character templates for various kinds of thralls.

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