The Damned If You Do Fellowship is a group of disenfranchised Commoner Kithain whose basic aim is survival since the disappearance of High King David Ardry.

Overview Edit

Most of the commoners who make up this ragtag assemblage have had to abandon their freeholds for one reason or another. Some fled the Sidhe rather than swear the Oath of Loyal Affirmation. Others found themselves forced out by other commoners taking advantage of the breakdown of authority and the prevailing anarchy. Others have been forced out because they back the "wrong" candidate for the throne. Above all, the Fellowship refuses to be cannon fodder in a war between nobles. They plan to survive and they happily derail the plans of any Noble the encounter, as well as doing the same for commoners who associate with the Sidhe. Any aid they give to commoners outside their own numbers comes at a cost: usually in Dross or temporary refuge in a freehold where they can replenish their Glamour.

The de facto leader of the group is a pooka named Jeri Blackstone who named the group of self-imposed exiles on a whim and the name stuck.

References Edit

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