Damien is the illegitimate childe of Critias, the Brujah Primogen of Chicago.


No one knows why Critias Embraced Damien in the first place, and Damien himself does not know his sire. He lived the first years of undeath like a Caitiff, piercing information about the world of the undead together while under constant persecution.

Living on the streets and being shocked by the nightly facts of vampirism, Damien was eventually "adopted" by a Malkavian who believed the boy to be his son. During the War of Chicago, his mentor was destroyed, as well as a young Caitiff Damien had befriended. Shocked by those events, he has begun to consider to vie for princedom over Chicago.

Damien has still the appearance of a teenage boy. He tries to overcompensate his small stature with a brash attitude and a pursuit for personal pleasure. Damien is the vocalist in the popular punk band "Baby Chorus".

In recent times, Damien has become a friend of the anathema Germaine, with whom he has taken a more proactive role in the Anarch Movement around Chicago.

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