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Dajan Siaka is the Tremere Primogen of Boston.


Dajan had a passion for the occult. He was working in a record shop when he became acquainted with Marie d'Richet. This Kindred had fled Hartford after being sentenced to final death for receiving the Embrace from a Tremere vampire without the approval of the city's Prince. She joined Marcel, the Prince of New Orleans, and specialized in Voodoo rituals. In 1998, she decided to sire Dajan because of the exceptional aptitude he showed for this art. To deepen his knowledge of thaumaturgy with the other Chantries, he decided to go on a journey that was the same as the one Marie had taken when she was younger.

On his way to Salem, Dajan made a stop in Boston, and Hazel Iversen asked to speak with him. She sought new supporters to counterbalance the power of her Primogen. She earned Dajan's trust by revealing that she was aware of his origins, his bloodline, and their banishment from New England. She promised him her utmost discretion if, in exchange, he joined the Boston Primogen and kept her informed of their every action. Dajan accepted on the condition that he be allowed to train with the Sisters of Salem as he had initially planned. The Warlock was very well received, in particular by Richard Dunham, who was conducting secret research on Blood and was delighted by the insight the thaumaturge would provide. Dajan went to negotiate the agreement with the Hartford Chantry on behalf of Hazel not only because she was his Prince, but also to exact his revenge on those who had punished his Sire.


Dajan is Antonio Calbullarshi's grand-childe.


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