Daityas are one of the sub-types of the Ogre seeming. These changelings are giants of Hindu myths. Theirs is the blessing of Cutting Might.


In Hindu myth, the Daityas are giants and ogres who opposed the gods and reviled those sacrifices given to the gods. They went to war against the heavens and, for a cycle of history, remained victorious. The kith associated with this legend is said to be composed of those Hindu Ogres who went against their Keepers — some stories even suggest that a great battle was fought in Faerie, with a passel of Daityas bringing down a pair of callous and mighty Fae. Many Daityas are large and reptilian in features, inheriting the serpent’s flesh from their Keepers (who in turn plunder said flesh from the old legends of the dragon-serpent Vritra, the demon who was said to have spawned the Daityas in the first place). The Daityas were apparently potent warriors who could topple pillars and cut the gods’ weapons in twain with a single blow.

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