Dún Aenghus is a legendary Freehold of the Fae on the island of Inishmore of the Aran Islands.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Once the fortress home of a legendary Fir-bholg chieftain after that race's exile by the Tuatha de Danaan to the west of Ireland, Dún Aenghus later became a powerful site of faerie magic. After its abandonment by the original inhabitants, a prince of House Dougal discovered the three-fold stone circle's innate association with the dormant magic of the earth. Using Glamour to evoke and awaken the sleeping power, this nameless prince constructed a massive treasure vault in which to house some of the sidhe's most valuable possessions. Sensing the imminent departure of his kind from the mortal world, this farsighted lord hoped to lay by a store of magical items in hopes of a time conducive to the return of the sidhe. Unfortunately for his dreams, he had only begun to amass his horde when the forces of the Shattering compelled him to leave for Arcadia by the nearest gateway, Silver's Gate. He fell in the battle that raged during the gate's final moments, his dreams forever lost, and with them, the key that would unlock the entrance to the cache.

During the Interregnum, a small group of sluagh, who found the limestone cliffs and rocky ground of Inishmore ideal for their habitation, claimed the keep as their freehold. These enterprising Kithain embellished the site with their own chimeric protections in the form of traps and mind-befuddling mazes. Despite their familiarity with the structure's physical and chimerical details, they did not find the hidden treasure horde. They did, however, sense a powerful emanation of Glamour just beyond their reach. Word leaked out to the Kithain of the great lost treasure of the fae, and Dún Aenghus soon became the site for a succession of Kithain battles, with the freehold changing hands several times before the return of the sidhe.

Dún Aenghus Motley[edit | edit source]

Today, a motley of Unseelie Kithain, including Nainsi, a sluagh descended from one of the original creators of the freehold, inhabits the keep, which they have turned into an unofficial headquarters for what they hope will be the eventual ousting of the sidhe from the halls of power. They, too, have heard the rumors of buried treasure beneath their fort and hope that, among the wealth, are a few good weapons which can be turned to their advantage. All they need to do is find someone who can unravel the mystery of where the treasure lies.

Along with Nainsi, the motley includes her fellow sluagh Trevor and a number of redcaps. They are armed with real, chimerical, and some Cold Iron weapons

References[edit | edit source]

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