The D'habi were the Revenant priests of the Baali Methuselah Nergal during his reign in Mesopotamia. In the Final Nights only a scattered few remain, and they often deal in dangerous occult lore and are experts in Cainite history.


Originally servants of Nergal in Mashkan-Shapir, the D'habi officially betrayed their master to Moloch after they learned of his plans to awaken Namtaru (in reality, Nergal set them up to do this so that he could escape). Following the razing of their master's city, the other Baali lines claimed them as property. The different family lines were kept isolated from each other, to hinder them from ever building a united front against their masters. Unfortunately, Nergal used the D'habi to spy upon his bloodline and act as his hands against rivals, assassinating them in their daysleep and later keep his enemies at bay when he revealed himself again under the mask of Shaitan. Using the D'habi, he unleashed plagues against those that would not follow him and brought the majority of the Baali to his side.

After Shaitans defeat at Knossos in the Second Baali War, the D'habi managed to escape, ignorant of the fact that they had been tools for their master. The surviving Baali used the D'habi as lab rats for experiments with plague and similar nasty affairs, like raping virgins, feeding of the flesh of sacrificial victims or acting as vessels for demonic possession. This mistreatment caused the D'habi to become one of the more degenerate Revenant lines.

In the Final Nights, the fate of the family is nearly forgotten. Most presume they fell with their masters, but one, Rhania, acted as an intermediary for Aristotle deLaurent and the Shroud of Kaymakli, with a small estate of her family in Istanbul.

Supernatural Characteristics

Disciplines: Presence, Dominate, (all D'habi with Daimoinon were immediatly killed)

Weakness: The D'habi, thanks to centuries of blood bonds and Dominate, are extremly weak-willed. All D'habi suffer a +2 difficulty for Willpower rolls

Morality: D'habi rarely maintain their Humanity for long. Depending on the nest they serve, they turn either to the Via Diabolis or the Via Hyron

Version Differences

In V20 Ghouls & Revenants their Disciplines were changed.

Disciplines: Presence, Obfuscate, Daimonion



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