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Czar Vargo, born Vargo Zamtredia or Andreas Vargo[1], is a famous mage of the Sons of Ether. Vargo achieved notoriety among the Awakened for attempting a global coup to enforce peace by means of by his own technomagical creations.


Born in what would become the Republic of Georgia in 1870 CE, Professor Vargo became a Master of Forces and Matter, and developed the Chemical Conversion Engine by the age of 19. He became famous for the speech he gave at the 1900 Paris Exhibition against the development of increasingly more powerful war machines by and for Sleeper governments. He severed his ties with his fellow Etherites in 1909, disgusted by their continued research and development of military weapons.

On July 14, 1914, now calling himself "Czar Vargo", he launched a fleet of airships over all of Earth's great cities simultaneously, and demanded that the world's governments cede authority to him and cease all the hostilities in World War I. The New World Order and Iteration X launched an assault on him with an army of robots, but he defeated them soundly. However, when Progenitor-mutated human soldiers were deployed against him, he and his fleet retreated into the Umbra rather than cause more damage and loss of life. Though another reason for that retreat may be because he was defeated by Michael Faraday at the cost of his life.[2] The subsequent Paradox backlash wiped all memory of the event from almost all non-Awakened citizens of Earth. Although Void Engineers and others have reported Umbral sightings of his fleet since, none have re-established contact with Vargo.[3][4] The Sons of Ether still honor his self-proclaimed title as "Czar of Terra".[5]

Possible futures

During the Time of Judgment, Czar Vargo returned to make a final offer to humanity, in the hope that he could at least bring those who could be saved into his Umbral sanctuary.[6]

In the year 2012 of a future timeline (possibly the future at that point), Czar Vargo was among the famous Etherite scientists encountered by Ernesto C. Amanguale ("Ace") as he traveled through time from the year 1974. By this point in the future, Vargo's Chemical Conversion Engine had been upgraded to, or replaced by, an Ether Converter.[7]


Czar Vargo is likely intended as an allusion or homage to Jules Verne's novel Robur the Conqueror (a.k.a. Clipper of the Clouds) and its sequel, Master of the World.


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