The Cycle of Lilith is a purported Kindred scripture told from the perspective of Lilith. First described by Aristotle de Laurent as a text he was once only briefly able to view, the notion that this is what he saw is questioned still by others, who may consider the Cycle to be a thing of legend whose urtext has never actually been seen.

Indeed, if the Cycle were ever a real work and not merely a hallucination suffered by the Malkavian, or just a Bahari fragment he had stumbled upon, then the reasons for its overall loss would ostensibly be many. However, as a general principle, the Bahari are not known to have ever respected the idea of a strictly sanctioned scripture for their faith, such as how mainline Cainites might regard the Book of Nod.

The closest approximation to a complete Cycle is the Revelations of the Dark Mother, a collection of Bahari songs (mostly collected orally) fashioned into a "cycle" by the modern Ba'ham Rachel Dolium. This work was meant not only as a telling of the story of Lilith from her own perspective, but a symbolic allegory of the destruction of matriarchal societies.


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