See also: Blood Curse (Assamite) for the Tremere curse upon the Assamite clan

Curse of Hunger, also known as the Baali Curse, is an extraordinarily powerful spell of infernal blood magic that the Baali used to curse the Warrior Caste of Assamite clan at the end of the Second Baali War, in the 7th century CE. The full potential of the curse was only manifested in 1242, however.


At the end of the Second Baali War, the Baali cultists at Chorazin tried to awaken Namtaru at the cost of their own lives through ritual sacrifice. They had only limited success for none among them truly understood what Namtaru really craved. Their efforts were able to at least partially awaken the creature, although briefly, before the full might of the Assamite Sorcerer Caste fell upon them.

The true leaders of the Baali had fled Chorazin long ago and set the battle of Chorazin as a trap, one in which all participants would be sacrificed to the Fallen One. One of the captives that the Baali managed to acquire in the early stages of the battle was a 5,000 year old methuselah called Izhim abd Azrael and twelve other warriors of his retinue.

With sinister purpose, the thirteen Assamites were delivered to the gigantic hand of Namtaru - a monstrous thing that looked like as it was made of solid basalt, however, it had the consistency of liquid and shimmered like oil. And since the Warriors could not be recovered, Al-Ashrad and his magi attacked the creature and managed to put it back to sleep. The warriors were lost and their powerful blood served as the conduit to spread the curse of hunger through the Assamite Warrior caste.

Nearly six centuries later, in 1242, an elder named Enkara who had lost her sire on that fateful night, returned to the ruins of Chorazin. Summoned by Izhim's soft whispers, she was amazed to discover that her sire was escaping the demonic grip. She fed him with her own blood but she realized too late that something had changed within him. Izhim immediately betrayed her progeny and delivered her to take his place.

He then explained that he was the only sacrifice worthy of the demon, because he was the only one who truly loved someone else and after six centuries of suffering he was finally ready to offer his love as well as his name and allegiance in a contract with Namtaru, finally sealing the Baali curse over the Assamite clan. The blood curse which was but a trickle among the Warrior Caste would become a flood, tainting them all and passing to other castes.


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