Cults were historical divisions among the Awakened, formed by their native culture.


Cults taught their members High Speech and were the social environment many Awakened kept. Contrasting with Darshanas, a Cult offered no central philosophies on how to act as a mage. Instead, it offered cultural context and explanations of magic. It also lead to Legacies that formed itself within that Cult's framework.

During the Hellenistic Age, there were four great Cults of the major civilizations, but there have been numerous smaller ones (and possibly great cults that were completly disconnected from the other four, like in Mesoamerica or sub-saharan Africa). Later, Cults and Darshanas coalesced into the Atlantean Orders, replacing the numerous disparate mythologies of the Cults with a singular founding myth of Atlantis. Other, smaller ones, managed to survive as Nameless Orders.

Great CultsEdit


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