The Cudgel of Conchobhair is a unique Treasure of House Daireann.

Overview Edit

Conchobhair's cudgel is an unassuming oaken staff about 8 feet tall. It grants its bearer (and will only function for a member of House Daireann) several wonderful powers. The foot of the staff is shod in cold iron as a warning and, under the direst circumstances, as a possible weapon.

System Edit

The cudgel inflicts Strength + 4 damage. The cudgel also adds +2 dice to any Kenning roll. Finally, anyone holding the staff receives 3 levels of the Primal cantrip Oakenshield usable for the battle they are currently in. Thus, if the user fights one opponent and is struck for one level, then goes on to another opponent and is struck for another 2 levels, the Oakenshield issued up. The user must then face any other opponents without its benefit. On the other hand, should the user survive the first fight, with or without any levels of Oakenshield remaining, then engage in battle later that day, they would once again start the battle with 3 levels of Oakenshield. Such levels become usable once battle is joined, not simply as a consequence of carrying the weapon. If the user is ambushed and struck for damage, no levels of protection come into play until they actively turn to fight.

References Edit

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