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The Crystal Circle is a cabal of the most powerful Seelie Kithain sorcerers known.


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Only the most talented of fae magic-users are considered for this powerful cabal of Seelie "sorcerers." The Crystal Circle consists of both noble and commoner fae who have mastered at least one of the Kithain Arts and are adept at another. (Minimum requirement: 5 in one Art, 4 in another.) The Crystal Circle is known of by the changeling populace, but its goals are generally obscure. It is known that its members travel deeper and farther into the Dreaming than any other changelings have dared since the Shattering. What they do there, though, is unknown. Some say they search for Arcadia, while others believe they guard the borders against incursions from the Nightmare Realms. It is even rumored that they travel in the realms of the Umbra and of the dead.

In general, the Crystal Circle is perceived as benign by most Seelie changelings. Many ballads tell of these conjurers showing up and saving the day at the last moment. Its members are closely allied with the Red Branch. Although generally good natured, they do not suffer fools lightly and it is rare that they take outsiders into their confidence. Sidhe of the Crystal Circle do not acquire Banality as quickly as other sidhe. They are particularly adept at the Arts of Chronos and Dream-Craft.

The Crystal Circle also masters the Art of Naming and are a major part of that ceremony for all fae.


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