This effect is comparable to that of a liquid nitrogen bath. The psion can freeze flesh or blood as well as wood, plastic or metal into a brittle, supercold state. This power inflicts severe frostbite or hypothermia in seconds when used on living beings. Not even heavily bundled targets are immune - the effect simply ignores any layers of clothing and focuses on the person within.


Spend three Psi points and make a resisted Psi roll against the target’s Endurance. As long as you score more successes, the subject takes a number of Lethal Health Levels equal to your character’s Psi, plus one for every extra success achieved on your roll. Armor cannot be used to soak - only applicable psi powers currently active (like Thermal Screen) apply. Cryofreeze may be used against targets at a range of up to 30 times your character’s Psi rating in meters. Cryofreeze imposes an immediate frozen state by lowering the subject’s core temperature, so permanent damage is likely. If the target loses more than three Health Levels at once, she stands a good chance of losing fingers, toes, ears or other extremities due to Frostbite (this can translate to reduced Attributes or Abilities, at the Storyteller’s discretion). A target reduced to incapacitated or dead by Cryofreeze can literally be shattered with a sharp blow - even if left whole, medical science can do little to save her.


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