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Crusade of Ashes is the second book in the Orpheus storyline, and the first of the supplemental sourcebooks. It details the destruction of the Orpheus Group and the resulting devastation on the lives of the surviving employees. Many who escape the law and government become fugitives, attempting to continue their investigations into the world of the dead and the company's destruction while on the run.


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The Eve of Twilight
An invisible crusade is underway, and Orpheus Group is haunted by its past. Organization members are on the run from a mysterious adversary that commands Spectres, and from mercenaries with the powers of the dead. With their old lives shattered and the authorities in pursuit, can the characters survive what lies next? Pray they do, because the alternative offers no hope of salvation — not even in death.
Dead Men Running
Crusade of Ashes offers Storytellers and players alike more information on the continually evolving world of Orpheus. In this first supplement, the world changes... and not for the better. Complementing discussion and rules for surviving existence as fugitives are new enemies, new dangers and rules for artifact creation, as well as a unique addition to the Storyteller system: crucible-oriented Merits and Flaws.

Prologue: Crusade of Ashes

This story details how the signature characters get caught in the NextWorld raid on Orpheus. The company is destroyed utterly and completely, and Tom Hayes loses his body in the explosions.


As in all of the other Orpheus books, this chapter explains this book's part in the metaplot using movie structure analogies, and has recommended movies for the reader to watch to help them feel the atmosphere of the book. It also offers short previews (via Radio Free Death) of things to come in the metaplot.

Chapter One: Orpheus in Wane

The opening campaign shows the details of the Orpheus Group's complex before the attack, and details the plans of the raid performed by NextWorld and the Death Merchants.

Chapter Two: Dead Men Running

Continuing the chronicle, this chapter offers suggestions for characters who are now on the run from the law following the destruction of Orpheus. It also outlines the antagonists Orpheus fugitives may come across.

Chapter Three: The Unearthed Player’s Guide

This section for all contains the Merits and Flaws for Orpheus characters, as well as how to create artifacts.

Chapter Four: Storytelling the Dead

This chapter contains Orpheus' last known files on their adversaries and competition, as well as some in depth campaigns dealing with the crucible's struggle to regain a normal life.

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