The Crown of Dreams is a powerful treasure of House Leanhaun.

Overview Edit

This treasure is not actually a crown but an oaken pin covered with jewels shaped like a stylized crown. The one who wears it: the head of the Finders called the Crown, gains an awareness of all the Dreamers in the immediate area (about a square mile) and the ways to unlock their potential. (Perception + Kenning, Difficulty 6 and must be in line of sight), thus making it easier to Rhapsodize them. Discerning that potential allows the wearer to know who might best benefit from that Dreamer's creations. The Crown of Dreams is won as an honor at the Convocation of Leanhaun and traditionally goes to a commoner allied with the House. The bearer also becomes one of the leaders of the Keepers of the Rose.

References Edit

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