The Crone is an apocryphal figure of unknown origins who taught Caine of the power of the Blood bond and of the paralysis that falls over a vampire when his heart is pierced with wood.


In order to win the heart of Zillah, Caine sought out the Crone, who taught him how to blood bond Zillah to himself. In exchange, the Crone enslaved Caine through her own blood bond and forced Caine to Embrace her. She also took a number of Caine's descendants to herself; these Cainites were never seen again. Presumably, she devoured them. A year and a day after the Crone first enslaved Caine, the blood bond faded, and Caine staked her and left her to burn in the sun. The Crone is prophesied to rise again at Gehenna to seek revenge against Caine, whose track record with women isn't particularly encouraging.

In "Fair is Foul", one of the scenarios detailed in the Gehenna sourcebook, the Crone takes the alias "Eickos" and allies herself with Lilith and her Apostates against Caine. "Fair is Foul" suggests that the Crone may have been the Second Woman, created after Lilith to serve as Adam's second wife, as described in Revelations of the Dark Mother. In this myth, Adam watched as God formed this would-be wife from the inside out. Overcome with revulsion, Adam rejected the newly-made woman outright, which prompted God to put Adam to sleep before creating Eve. The woman's actions following this rejection and apparent exile are unknown, as is the amount of time that passed between her creation and her first encounter with Caine as the Crone.

Crone Related Myths

  • The Crone is sometimes identified as, or confused with, Lilith, the Dark Mother of Noddist eschatology.
  • The Nosferatu methuselah, Baba Yaga, is also sometimes referred to as "the Crone", among other epithets, (although she is most likely unrelated to this Crone).
  • Beckett suggests that the "Crone", like many elements of the Book of Nod, is allegorical. For him, she represents the vampiric lust for blood and how it controls vampires.
  • Legend says that the third of the Baali progenitors (often referred to as "The Unnamed"), might be one of the facets of the Crone.
  • The Lhiannan bloodline claim to be descendants of the Crone.
  • Fan theories associate the possibility that the Crone is, or is connected to, Diedne, Founder of House Díedne, a very secretive Hermetic House, coming from a similar area and practicing similar magics to the Ogham Discipline of the Lhiannan.


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