Authors: Bill Bridges (Croatan), Jackie Cassada (Uktena), Nicky Rea (Wendigo)
Additional Material By: Carla Hollar
Developer Ethan Skemp
Editor: Aileen E. Miles
Art Direction: Aileen E. Miles
Art: Joe Corroney, Richard Kane Ferguson, Jeff Holt, Brian LeBlanc, Chuck Regan
Cover Art: Richard Kane Ferguson
Cover Design: Aileen E. Miles
Layout & Typesetting: Aileen E. Miles
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 2000
Pages: 128
Publication #: WW 03112
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-388-X
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Price: Print: $17.95
PDF: $10.99

Croatan Song is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse covering the history of the Pure Lands and the three native tribes of Garou.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The World Before the Wyrm Came
Three brothers: Uktena, Wendigo and Croatan. Three tribes that kept the Wyrm at bay, that kept the Pure Lands pure. Three tribes that guarded the Americas with their lives. But the Pure Lands were never truly peaceful – and ultimately, one of the three tribes was forced to sacrifice itself so that the other two could survive. This is the story of the Three Brothers, and the lands they guarded, in a time when the Pure Lands were still pure.

A Tribe's Last Stand

Croatan Song is the story of the werewolves of Native America and their territory before the coming of Columbus. In these pages, players will find the history of the Pure Lands, the tales of the human tribes there, the struggles and battles that were waged before the Wyrmcomers came, and the final sacrifice of the Croatan. The New World awaits.


Legends of the Garou: RenownEdit

Introduction: Song of the Middle TimesEdit

Chapter One: The Long WalkEdit

The history of the Three Brothers and their homelands.

Chapter Two: Whose Hunting Grounds?Edit

The septs and people of pre-Columbian North America.

Chapter Three: The Hero's OrdealsEdit

Telling chronicles in the Pure Lands and beyond.

Chapter Four: Children of the Middle TimesEdit

Character creation rules for Pure Lands characters.

Background InformationEdit


Memorable QuotesEdit






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