White Wolf Wiki

Crinos is the war-form of some Fera. Fusing the deadliest aspects of human and beast into one body, this form's sole purpose is to kill and shred all enemies into pieces.


When a shapeshifter assumes this form, it shows that the time for negotiations is over. Nearly all Fera inflict Delirium when wearing their battle-form. It combines the most terrible elements of man and beast. Towering roughly nine feet tall, the slavering Crinos monster features a beast-like head.

A werewolf assuming the Crinos form would display gigantic fangs and horrific claws; long, powerful arms; thick skin and bones; heavy fur; and a large wolf tail for balance and body language. Its awful mouth can barely speak human words, though it can bay and howl with deafening eloquence. Though a Crinos werewolf can speak the Garou tongue, its surging Rage reduces most sentiments to kill, Kill, and KILL!

Werewolf fur usually favors the striped or mottled markings of normal wolves, combined with the hair color (and sometimes even style) of a Garou’s Homid form. Tribal identity is most obvious in Crinos form, where the features, fur color, and body language often reveal the differences between a Bone Gnawer, a Silver Fang, a Black Fury, and a Wendigo.

Many Garou decorate themselves with dedicated jewelry and other markings that symbolize their tribal pride. Crinos is not a form for casual contact. Even the metis, who are born in this shape, bristle with murderous fury when this war-wolf manifests.


  • All Metis, regardless of their species, are born into their crinos form and consider it their natural form.