Crimson Curia, also known as the See of Nod, is a body of the most influential priests that lead the Cainite Heresy during the Dark Ages. It is composed by the Bishops of Nod, who answer to their Archbishop.


It is the Crimson Curia that sets the Heresy's doctrine and attempts to coordinate its movements, a nearly impossible task given the Heresy's fragmented nature. The Curia espouses that Caine was, in fact, God's favorite and this mark was a sign of God's favor, not a curse. In turn, having been touched by the hand of God, all Cainites are akin to angels, revered as divine beings and true prophets and messiahs.

Since its early nights, the Cainite Heresy has infiltrated and subverted the Catholic priesthood, amassing great wealth and influence in the process. It has even woven its tendrils into the Road of Heaven, turning otherwise pious Cainites onto a darker path that can lead to darkness and damnation. In turn, some prominent followers of the Road of Heaven have started to focus their attention on eradicating the Heresy.

More pressing for the Heresy is the belief that year 1239 will herald the coming of Gehenna. Many of its followers, both mortal and Cainite, are busy preparing for this eventuality, convinced Caine will return to pass his judgment before the decade is over.


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