Criminal Intent is an SAS adventure for Vampire: The Requiem.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

How far will you go to preserve the Masquerade?
The Masquerade is one of the most important and disputed Traditions among the laws of the Kindred. Upholding the secrecy of undead society is paramount to the safety and security of all vampires – it is why it is the First Tradition in every Prince’s court. But not all Kindred consider the costs of such preservation.
A devoted protector of the Masquerade hires your coterie to find dirt on an officer of the local court who got caught feeding, and to deal with the mortal artist who witnessed it. At first it looks like a straightforward job, but the whole situation is like digging into an old grave – there’s a lot under the surface that most people don’t want to see.
A self-contained story in the SAS system for Vampire: the Requiem.
Contains a number of interactive features, including:
  • Storyteller character sheet graphics that take you to a full version of the sheet.
  • Storyteller character portraits that take you to the character relationship chart or the character writeup.
  • Art near page references that take you to the reference in question.

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