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Cranad's Legion is a group of former House Dougal members who follow Cranad and his simulacra Morann.



Cranad and his puppet, the false Moron, are still active and have many followers. These former members of House Dougal now support the Shadow Court, which mainly operates in the northeast, but some wonder if they haven't moved to the Kingdom of Willows and Meilge's hotbed of intrigue. Some speculate the leaders of the Legion have even gone to Hibernia and allied themselves with the Unseelie lords and ladies there. Loyal Dougal members on the Isle of the Mighty say that Cranad and the simulacra have even started a new, Unseelie version of the House which crafts items for the Shadow Court, even courting House Balor! The knowledge they have exchanged could be significant and who knows what damage will be wrought.


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