Cranad the Nocker is the former Grand Master of House Dougal but is now a renegade.



In the Late 1950's, Cranad became the Grand Master of House Dougal. He was a hard-edged arbiter and led the House well for awhile but a shadow fell over him. Perhaps his Unseelie nature got the best of him or maybe an outside influence like one of the Thallain. However it happened, his treachery raised its head when he learned to make simulacra. At first he used them for pranks: copies of friends used for practical jokes, etc... But when Morann returned, he plunged into his Unseelie legacy. He made a simulacra of Morann and killed the real one. No one knows why he didn't use Cold Iron. Perhaps that was too horrible even for his dark side. He then ruled House Dougal through the False Morann.

When High Lord Donovan returned to Earth in 1969, it was the False Morann that awaited him pretending to be his old friend. Cranad and the simulacra gave only mock obedience to the Sidhe and their shipments were often late and of mediocre quality, giving the best good to the Commoner armies. As Cranad and his simulacra refused to confront Donovan, Lord Dafyll eventually ordered the Sidhe Lord to take control of Morann's freehold, the Freehold of the Forge.

Cranad was sure most of the commoners supported their cause against the sidhe but when Donovan came, trusting the good will of his old friend and removing his helm, it was another nocker who waited to greet him. Hanna the welder was the head of the Mothers of Morann and had long suspected Cranad. When Donovan approached the great hall, half of the Freehold backed him and when Cranad began to speak against him, Hanna interrupted and told them all about her fears.

Enraged, the simulacra attacked her and Donovan came to her defense. Battle ensued. When Donovan refused to wield arms against his kinsmen, they all sheathed their swords and renewed their allegiance to him. Cranad and the False Morann fled.

Cranad's Legion

Cranad and his puppet, the False Morann, are still active and have a large number of followers: Cranad's Legion. They now support the Shadow Court and operate mainly in the northeast of the United States, though some wonder if they are hiding in the Kingdom of Willows. Some also believe the leaders have gone to Hibernia. Cranad and the False Morann have apparently started an Unseelie version of House Dougal there, crafting items for the Shadow Court and even working with House Balor.


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