Cracker is an Unseelie Nocker Wilder and a rebellious punk.

Overview Edit

Cracker's mom was a prostitute who had little time to care for him and he never knew his father. He was already taking care of himself on the street at a young age, often doing odd-jobs for his mother's "co-workers." His familiarity with humanity's carnal nature gave him a natural way with the ladies and he recently enchanted two mortal women (just for the heck of it). As a teen he fell in with Mark Shaker, who helped him adjust to life as a changeling. They have committed all sorts of pets crimes together and now Cracker has a rap sheet as long as War and Peace.

Cracker is a child of the modern era; a lost soul adrift in a sea of defiance and rebellion, belittling those who are better off to avoid admitting that he envies them. He is a thrill seeker with a short temper. and finds nothing more fun than a good, old-fashioned slug-fest. Many of his friends feel the same way and it's them he beats up for kicks more often than not. He's been friends with Mark Shaker for years and is a little envious of the redcap's fighting skills.

Image Edit

This nocker wilder strives to present himself as the perfect grunge rocker. He wears heavily scuffed combat boots, well-stained torn denim jeans, and a tattered old green leather jacket painted with symbols and names of modern bands. His hair is so short it bristles, and he has pierced both ears (the left one twice), his nose, and right eyebrow.. The back of his left hand is covered with a large tattoo of a spider. His cheeks are pockmarked and sunken as though suffering from malnutrition.

References Edit

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