Coyote Laughs-At-Luna is a Nuwisha, one of those granted Coyote's blessing.


Hers was a special case, for she was granted the ability to hear the Wyrm's thoughts and to speak with Coyote. She could see what the Wyrm planned and could consult with the Trickster as to how best to respond. Her leadership is what saved the Nuwisha from the second War of Rage. Her will is what led the Nuwisha to protect the stars. Through her, Coyote spoke to his children, and dictated the rules which the Nuwisha all follow. Coyote Laughs-At-Luna commanded that no more than 100 Nuwisha would walk on Earth Mother at any given time. Through her, the Trickster taught the Nuwisha to seek wisdom and to teach all others the best ways to avoid the Wyrm and to weaken Coyote's greatest foe. Her best trick saved the Nuwisha from all their angry cousins, and her wisdom ensured that the stars uncorrupted by the Wyrm remain that way.


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