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The Court of the Yellow Dragon, or the Center Court, is one of the five directional courts found among changelings in eastern Asia. Moderate and contemplative, they focus on reflection.


Yellow Dragons exist to balance and moderate the extremes of the other four directional courts. They often take power in times of transition, after one of the other courts has concluded some great work. They understand that all ventures have an ending, and everyone needs time to rest and relax after a period of hard work. Their moderate compared to their peers helps hide them from the Huntsmen, if only because they don't stand out. They harvest Glamour from the self-reflection of others, little moments of epiphany and understanding.

Many changelings are drawn to the Center Court because they had a prescribed place or role during their Durance, a comfortable position in a rigid hierarchy. Their reflective nature gives them an appreciation for the pleasant things in life, and their rituals include feasts and festivals to which humans are not invited.

The mantle of the Center Court exudes a feeling of calm and comfort. At Mantle 1, courtiers gain a bonus to Empathy roles when consoling another. At Mantle 3, they gain the Striking Looks merit. At the highest level, courtiers' skin changes to shades of yellow or orange, and may appear scaly. They also gain the ability to heal up to half their own maximum health in damage, by taking on the wounds of another.

During the Three Kingdoms period, the Center Court had a stronghold in Hanzhong.


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