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For the first edition equivalent, see Court of the Sourth.

The Court of the Vermillion Bird, or the Southern Court, is one of the five Directional Courts found among changelings of eastern Asia. The court exemplifies rebellion, for it is out of destruction that new creation can occur.


Those who join the Southern Court often suffered greatly during their Durance, and will not be made to suffer again now that they are free of it. They see change as the heart of the Mandate of Heaven, and as a result two members of the court rarely look the same. They can be found anywhere there are great upheavals, ready to rebuilt and remake.

The mantle of the Southern Court emphasizes their struggle against ossified social systems. They are "of the people," and nobility either do not notice them or cringe at their presence. A courtier may be able to call on favors from common people, even if they don't quite understand why they're helping this stranger. At the highest level, Vermillion Birds always appear clad in broken chains, and their skin takes on a red or purple color.


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