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For the first edition equivalent, see Court of the East.

The Court of the Azure Serpent, or the Eastern Court, is one of the five Directional Courts found among changelings in eastern Asia. Their signature emotion is envy, and they delight in commerce of all kinds.


The Court of the Azure Serpent sees wealth as the true source of power, and in some ways they are right. These changelings have put their Durance behind them, and those who did not benefit from inherited wealth scraped and schemed until they had amassed enough to make them feel secure. They are the court with the least interest in, and least contact with, humanity; they would prefer to hide in their mansions, from humans and Huntsmen alike.

The scheming and self-dealing of the Azure Serpents sometimes sets them apart from the other Directional Courts. They certainly believe they are acting in accordance with the Mandate of Heaven, but they also have no shame about lining their own pockets along the way. This one of the ways they stoke envy in others in order to harvest Glamour. Another is to meddle in human politics and economics, elevating one official or merchant in order to feed off the envy felt by his rivals.

The mantle of the Azure Serpents revolves around money, power and intrigues. It aids them in investigating their rivals and swindling their enemies. At three dots, they are also followed everywhere by the sound of jingling coins; their clothing is impeccable, and their teeth appear to be crusted with jewels. At the highest level, their skin takes on shades of gold, silver, or vivid green, and they have learned that everything has its price; they can use their dots in Resources as a bonus to all social rolls.


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