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The Court of Snow is one of the primary Courts of London in the mid-late 1400s, alongside the Court of Blood and the Court of Ash. It maintains a great deal of enmity for the Golden Court, with which it battled during the War of the Roses, and even now malcontents mutter in the organization’s shadows, seeking the freehold’s throne.


The Court is led by the Lord Mayor, who is advised by a group known as the Council of Aldermen. The White Rose, tentatively allied with the Black, is a pragmatic Court composed primarily of the common people. Though it does not actively recruit like the Court of Ash does, joining, for a Courtless, is as simple as applying to an Alderman and swearing loyalty. For a former Court member, an examination of said loyalty (via a picking apart of the aspirant’s history) is the only additional requirement.


The Aldersmen: Answering only to the Council of Aldermen, this sect ensures the Court’s security — to the extent of infiltrating other Courts, even. The group is rumored to house skilled oneiromancers.

The Godsworn: The Godsworn, the largest faction within the Court, is strongly connected to Protestant churches. From here, they keep an ear to the ground for useful information.

The Warders: The martial wing of the White Rose, the Warders act as mercenaries and constables. Additionally, they ensorcell skilled mortals to aid them when they can.


  • The Contract of Abjuration permits the caster to banish supernatural effects.


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