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The Court of Ash is one of the primary Courts of London in the mid-late 1400s, alongside the Court of Blood and the Court of Snow, birthed by the conflict between the two in the wake of the War of the Roses. Well aware that they are not the nobility, this Court draws from the fringes of society — the Catholics, the criminals, the beggars, and the mad. Though they have a tentative alliance with the White Rose, the Court of Ash is unwilling to throw its weight behind either side of the Blood-Snow conflict, remaining staunchly neutral.


Unlike the other Courts of the time, the Court of Ash actively recruits among the populace. The largest of the Courts in number, the Black Rose does its best to look after its own; as it has among its number experts in survival skills, “its best” is quite a lot.

The court lacks formal organization. If a fledgling courtier has particularly wise advice to share, the sovereign will listen. If he is particularly martially-inclined, his deeds will see him called a knight. One’s “rank”, such as it is, is based on proven actions. Meanwhile, the office of sovereign is very much divorced from the individual, and it has become custom for the Black King or Queen to utilize the Court Contract to wear a multitude of faces, being readily able to abdicate as desired without anyone the wiser.


The Gray Wolves: This sect among the Wooden Spear is known for seeking out allies among other supernatural elements. They have a long history of bargains with the Weihan Cynn, and have even been known to turn fetches against the Huntsmen.

The Sisterhood: Born of a motley that sought the mythic freehold Avalon, this group searches for ancient Contracts and records known ones. It is they who brought to the Court its signature Contract.

The Bootmen: Vicious criminals of all sorts, this group’s only rules bind them from action against the Ash Court — and no one else. It is largely through their activities that even the lowliest of the Court has food on his table and clothes on his back.

The Oracles: A splinter group known for its rigid belief in predestination, the Oracles believe that the True Fae pull fate's strings and that the Lost were only ever allowed to escape. A group of seventeen of this sect split off from the Court and ensorcelled a ship's crew, looking to sail into the Hedge.


  • The Contract of Air and Darkness permits the user to create and manipulate illusions.


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