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The Court of Arts, counterpart to the Court of Sciences, was one of the Courts that led the Freehold of Golden Creation, which is known to have been active in 19th-century Mannheim, Germany.


Once a rigidly hierarchical Court, the Court of Longing was composed primarily of the upper echelons of society, looking down on its scientific counterpart as lower-class. That changed when a rebellious group demanded a debate, backed by the threat of deliberately sabotaging the Golden Contest, the completion of which holds back the True Fae. Their debate, which the rebels barely managed to win, secured a vast political restructuring, in which ranks were disposed of, “lower class” folk music and arts were accepted in the Court, and any later-created internal offices would be filled by yearly elections.


Adornment tends to focus on artistic symbology — individuals utilize art inspirational to them, eventually replacing it with their own work. Courtiers tend to wear gold jewelry.


The two Courts of Mannheim determine the ruling Court through the Golden Contest, a twice-yearly event in which changelings of each Court create a work of art or invention, develop a scientific theory, or some other such labor. The victorious Court rules the freehold until the next contest. The winning changeling specifically becomes the ruler of his or her Court. The creator of the greatest work among the losing Court becomes its sovereign, as well.

This sovereign, known as the Grandmaster, is the only true rank that currently exists in the Cout of Arts following the recent political restructuring.


Affinity Contracts for the Court of Arts include Contracts of Talespinning, Contracts of Emotion (Longing), and Hidden Reality.


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