A Courts is the Kuei-Jin governing body in a region. The five ancestral courts were divided in turns into five august courts, themselves divided into Wu. Many courts use secret societies, gangs and corporations as pawns and smokescreens, collectively referred to as Scarlet Screens.


Kuei-jin Courts are similar to the domain of a Cainite Prince. In the old nights, courts centered themselves near dragon nests, and the elders of the court were able to bask in the Chi rich environment. These days, not all courts have access to such sites; particularly in large cities, modern courts must lair where they can. Bitterness and rivalry usually result between courts fortunate enough to have dragon nests and those that don't.

The central ruler of a Court is the Ancestor, whose legitimacy is referred to as the Mandate of Hell. Beneath him, numerous wu that have taken the city as their territory are gathered. The most common model of organization within a court is familial; that is, individual wu handle their own affairs, and the elder members of the various wu collectively make decisions about larger matters. The Ancestor is aided by various Mandarins and jina, whose offices can vary from Court to Court, but usually include several offices that have proven themselves over the centuries.

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