Demons that have returned from the Abyss usually organize themselves into Courts, which are remnants from the Age of Wrath, when the Fallen ruled their own Bastions in their war against Heaven. Modern Courts, however, are rarely united. Confused by the changes in the world, many of the Fallen flock to their Court to grant them a safety and to exploit others in the complex games of politics and power among them, most of which originated from their long imprisonment in the Abyss, where they had nothing else to do than to plot against each other. Most greater cities have at least two Courts that fight each other and vie for supremacy. Some smaller courts have been enslaved by others and are forced to pay tributes. Most modern Courts, however, are a mess in regards to organization, things like financial supervision (which was unnecessary during the War) simply eludes the mind of those elder demons. Some Courts begin to introduce such modern concepts like funding into their framework, but the process is slow.


Each Court is headed by a Tyrant, who oversees the local affairs of the Court. Every Tyrant has the support of the Pentarchy (sometimes called Council), which oversee the five Ministries:

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