The County of Selkrest is a Fief of the Kithain in the Duchy of Goldengate in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

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Countess Evaine technically lays claim to all the land from the shore to the east of Seal Rocks, down around the city of San Francisco, reaching as far out as San Jose. She does not hold her fief as vigorously as the other nobles in the area, but for good reason. Her fief has little in the way of freeholds and glades: her throne hold is based in Año Nuevo. Evaine cares nothing for politics, maintains only the smallest of military forces, and spends most of her time with the selkies, who flock to her court at Año and are her greatest allies. Indeed, the seal people keep Evaine better informed about the goings on in the bay than Aoibhell's spies do for their mistress.

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