The County of Oakhold is a Fief of the Kithain in the Duchy of Goldengate in the Kingdom of Pacifica.

Overview Edit


The troubled County of Oakhold is one of the worst places for a changeling to be: close to industrial steelmaking facilities. Raw cold iron is not uncommon in Oakland. To make things worse, there are those who say that the eshu Count Elias is quite capable of betraying the duke and has done so on multiple occasions. Aeon has not missed the fact that several heralds have vanished on missions to deliver his messages. Although nothing can be proven, it's certainly suspicious in the duke's eyes.

All in all, Oakhold is a very Unseelie place.

Freeholds Edit

Oakhold barely holds on to its few freeholds through a plan of active cultivation and brutal conservation.

References Edit

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